PT Blink

a fresh approach

The client approached for a fresh new look for their logo and icons. As part of this a mini style guide was created – click on the logo to view the client’s mini style-guide.

The Pitch Deck

Following on from developing a fresh look, the client required a Pitch Deck, necessitating the creation of multiple design elements. For consistency, aspects of the designs created for the Pitch Deck then became part of the client’s style guide.


PT Blink required a website that is driven from the navigation panel displaying a range of services, and reflecting a sophisticated construction appearance.

Site design and layouts

The first design set was presented in a one page “look & feel” format, followed by interactive wireframe layouts showcasing the flow of the website.

Client service

As part of the design development, we created a small case study on one of their previous projects to identify the information required to undertake the project.

Exhibition wall

Display stand